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A healthy lifestyle does not have to exclude the pleasure of drinking wine. All wines are most certainly NOT created equally. As a professional sommelier and holistic wellness enthusiast, I've learned a lot about both. You'd be surprised about some practices in wine making. I'm always looking for the healthiest practices in any context and that includes wine. I've discovered a company that imports the cleanest wines on the planet. I -in joy- drinking these. I could easily finish a bottle and be fine in the morning. Actually, I have much experience there! Lol. Maybe sometimes you just want a glass or two with dinner and don't want the next day to suffer.

You can have your wine and drink it too.

You can order these wines for home delivery here: www.dryfarmwines.com/injoywine

Check out this podcast with Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines:

Bulletproof Radio: Todd White – Biohacking Wine: Sulfates, Sugar & Dosing



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