I have put together a list of items that I personally use and highly recommend for better living and well-being. 

Dry Farm Wines

All wines are NOT created equally. If you are a health minded individual and choose to drink wine, drink healthier wines! 
We search the world for the finest natural, sustainable, and biodynamic wines. The family farms and artisans that handcraft our wines are deeply committed to these farming and winemaking practices. You can taste it in every soulful wine we collect.
The authentic wines we procure are exceptionally interesting and compelling expressions of taste and pleasure. When a wine is alive and free from overreaching modern influence, the wine will whisper in nature’s perfect logic and design. The wine will express nature joyfully and perfectly.

Berkey Water Filters

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You need a water filter. There is no good reason to buy plastic bottled water. The water is usually crap and toxins (BPA is well documented) that leach into the water. Then, there's a plastic bottle that needs to be dealt with. I've researched alternatives and have come up with this. Berkley Water Filters. I fill mine up with tap water and refill my stainless steel water bottle several times per day. It's really very simple and much, much more affordable than buying plastic bottled water. 



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